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Old machines - depreciated bag making machines, which are payed off - yield good money, but with the years they "are getting on", if one does too little to keep them in good shape. In addition the potential of older machines is often underestimated and therefore nothing is to be invested to preserve or raise the efficiency resp. A simple component failure leads to the death of a machine. You should not wait for a breakdown!

Technical support for older bag making machines
Service programme of three categories

Technical support of older bag making machines includes the maintenance, repair and function extensions of machines, whose control devices are discontinued or no more supported by the manufacturer. Benefit from a technical support of your old machine for a reasonable price consisting of the 3 following categories:

Maintenance Function extensions Repair and Renovation
To ensure the availability of a machine and likewise your production a maintenance programme for the electronic and mechanical components is offered. It is initiated by a survey with a documentation of your machine. Missing files or programme sources will be procured or reconstructed if necessary. A machine record drawn up like this constitutes the basis for function extension and renovation and it enables the planning of maintenance activities and important spare parts to be stocked. Your machine's performance can be improved (e. g. raising the production rate) by extensions of the control programme to manufacture new packaging products. An installation of additional units and their integration into the control software enhances the productivity of your (old) machine.

A targeted investment pays itself off within a short period of time.
In case of a failure or breakdown you will get short-term technical support. Within the Federal Republic of Germany support is to be provided within 24 hours on request. Service will be provided even abroad. Technical consultation concerning error analysis and if applicable for self-help is available by phone nearly any time via our hotline.

Fallow machines and machine parts can be reactivated for the production by renovating them.
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