Pardon? - I came across of what?
Hard- & Software, Projektierung u. Entwicklung!

In which way is a technological service provider dealing with nature? How gets a programmer and hardware designer together with e. g. a hedgehog?

I am a physicist - with a distinct technological and likewise profit-minded way of thinking and acting.

The one who has studied natural sience with an alignment to natural life knows, that our knowledge about the origin of this world is still very limited and that we have not yet understood the filigree, the complex tissue of life with its numerous sectrets. We actually do not know,

« ...was die Welt im innersten zusammenhält.».

(aus "Faust" (1773), Johann Wolfgang v.Goethe)

The civilized group of mankind has established a lot of artificial systems, whereby it became widely astranged from the natural living space. The one who examines the living spaces which are formed by men should recognize, that many technical achievements are questionable to a high degree. In any case all of our technical systems are crutches compared with what has been created by the nature:

«Tand, Tand ist das Gebilde von Menschenhand.»

(aus "Die Brücke am Tay", Theodor Fontane
referring to "Macbeth" (1606), William Shakespeare)

The hard-core issue of human existence is left unanswered up to now: Where do we come from? Where do we go to?

Summarized: We do not know where we come from. Due to our behaviour, the technological "progress" and our aimed goals we have destroyed major parts of the natural living space of a lot of plants, animals and the living space of men. We plunged many humans into unworthy circumstances.

The present global situation must appear as a serious problem even to the last optimist.

A combination of nature related and technical way of thinking and acting will be an important item of luggage on our way to a future, where humans will still find a basis to live.

We will only find a future basis to live, if we quickly succeed to preserve what makes up the roots of mankind: The nature. Hence we have to respect and learn from it.

Scientists, engineers, workmen, artsmen etc. we have to consider the impact of our creations on the whole (natural) system while solving an assignment and in fact before we are going to realize something.

I am physicist - curious by nature, with pleasure at and respect to the nature respectively. It is the logical consequence of the general cognition, of what I have learned and of passion.