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FPS 3 - Free Programmable Control Device Hardware

FPS 3 - (German abbreviation: Frei Programmierbare Steuerung) - is a modular free programmable logic controller for industrial applications, consisting of a central processing unit (CPU) and a series of peripheral interfaces for digital and analogous input and output. Control programmes are developed on a personal computer with MS-DOS operating system. The programming language is AWL (German abbreviation of Anweisungsliste), hence instructions list. The compiled code is to be downloaded to the PLC via a serial link.

The FPS 3 hardware and the related programming software have been developed in the eighties by the German company KML Elektronik GmbH. The production and marketing were pursued by KML as well. FPS 3 devices are still working nowadays in numerous older bag making machines, which have been manufactured by LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH and which were updated later by the former company RENOVA Plastikmaschinen GmbH. The company KML Elektronik does no more exist since 2002.

We are providing comprehensive technical support at favourable prices:

  • Inspection and repair of defective devices.

  • Short-term supply of spare in the form of overhauled devices and new devices.

  • Any second hand equipment delivered is rebuilt and tested.

  • Upload and archiving of Your machine software.

  • Recovery of Your control program after a total breakdown.

Important hint: In case of a total hardware failure Your control program can be recovered, provided that it has been archived before. We strongly recommend to backup Your FPS 3 software to put into archives for being well prepared to the worst case. Please visit my Technical support for a qualified maintanance of Your machine(s).

The revised edition of the manual to the FPS 3 can be purchased as PDF file in German or in English. Even a revised edition of the programming software FPS3PROG is available. The manual describes the installation and operation of the programming software and the progamming of the FPS 3. Recommissioning of the FPS 3 and online observation of variables is supported by the monitoring software FPS3MONI. In the following table you will find the components currently available.

Available FPS 3 components
Component Description Item No. Price €
Central Processing Unit FPS 3 CPU1 910500361 on inquiry
Digital output interface FPS 3 AS24a 910500362 on inquiry
Digital input interface FPS 3 ES32a 910500364 on inquiry
Analogous output interface FPS 3 ANA4 910500381 on inquiry
Analogous input interface FPS 3 ANE8 910500365 on inquiry
Supply interface FPS 3-NA 2 910500371 on inquiry
Operating system EPROM OPSYS FPS 3 910500315 45,--
Manual Software English MANU_SW_FPS3_ENG 912500301 65,--
Manual Software German MANU_SW_FPS3_GER 912500300 50,--
Programming software German FPS3PROG 912500305 150,--
Montoring software German FPS3MONI 912500307 150,--

The indicated prices are to be seen plus the valid V.A.T.

Inquiries concerning the delivery of the above mentioned components are to be addressed to Robert Warnke

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