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Axumerik® - Position Controller Hardware

The Axumerik® 35 AM 50 is one of the earliest position controllers available for industrial applications. In conjunction with a speed controller it provides a closed loop position controller to move and position machine components. The device was developed in the 80th by the company Asea Brown Boveri ABB and had been produced by ABB Schalt- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH at the plant in Ebersbach, Germany.

The Axumerik® 35 AM 50 has been discontinued since years. However it works nowadays in numerous older machines.

Ansicht 35 AM 50

We are providing comprehensive technical support to all users of Axumerik® 35 AM 50s at favourable prices:

  • Screening and quick repair.

  • Short-term spare supply in the form of overhauled devices.

  • Every second hand equipment delivered is rebuilt and tested.

  • Archiving and recovery of your positioning data sets.

In case of a total hardware failure your positioning data sets can often be saved and archived for a later recovery.

Important hint: We strongly recommend to backup your positioning and machines data sets and to put into archives being well prepared for the worst case. Please visit our Technical support for a qualified maintenance and reconditioning of your machine(s).

In the following list you will find the components and services currently available.

Available components and services
Component Description Item No. Price EUR
Position controller 35 AM 50 1003 910500361 on inquiry
Control panel 35 AB 50 B 910500363 on inquiry
System description German DOKU AXU R1001 910500371 on inquiry
Archiving of data SAVE DATAXU 910500315 from 65,--
Recovery of data REST DATAXU 912500300 from 75,--

The prices for saving and archiving your positioning data as well as the recovery of positioning data sets depend on whether a device will be shipped to us or if we perform the work on site at your plant.

The indicated prices are to be seen plus the valid V.A.T.

Inquiries concerning the delivery of the above mentioned components are to be addressed to Robert Warnke

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