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AXODYN® - speed controllers 05 FV 10, 05 FV 20 Hardware

The series Axodyn® 05 FV 10, 20 are speed controllers for four-quadrant operation of DC motors. The output stages, which are designed to provide high dynamic currents, are operated with puls-duration modulation. Static and dynamic current limiting provide short-circuit to earth and short circuit protection. The devices are suitable for high dynamic positioning.

Ansicht 05FV10

The 05 FV 10 has been primarily designed for operating AXEM® -pancake motors of the type series F 9 M and F 12 M by BBC or Parvex. Compared to brushless servo motors pancake motors provide the following advantages:

 1. No limitation due to the commutation (rotor without iron).

 2. Excellent constant velocity and torque even at low speed.

 3. Very low intrinsic moment of inertia and with it fast response time.

 4. Short overall length and low weight.

 5. Servo drive systems - consisting of closed loop position, speed controller and motor - can be powered directly from batteries and hence making them suitable for mobile positioning systems.

AXEM® -motors are still available nowadays. Other DC-motors can also be operated with a 05 FV 10, provided that these motors are equipped with an analogous tachometer. Pancake motors are supplied with comparable technical data by a couple of manufacturers like e. g. Printed Motors GmbH.

The Axodyn® 05 FV 10 is counted among the devices, which are discontinued. Anyhow numerous devices are still working nowadays in all kind of machines.

We are providing comprehensive technical support to all users of Axodyn® 05 FV 10s to fair prices:

  • Inspection and repair.

  • Adjustment of regulator parameters according to Your defective device.

  • Short-term spare supply in the form of overhauled devices.

  • Any second hand equipment delivered is rebuilt and tested.

Please visit our Technical support for a qualified maintanance and reconditioning of your machine(s).

In the following table you will find the components and services currently available.

Available components and services
Component / Service Description Item No. Price EUR
Speed controller used 05 FV 10 USD05FV10 on inquiry
Speed controller used 05 FV 20 USD05FV20 on inquiry
Repair speed controller REPAIR 05 FV XX REP05FVXX on inquiry
Manual German DOKU 05 FV 10 DE DOC05FV10DE 20,--

The indicated prices are to be seen plus the valid V.A.T.

Inquiries concerning the delivery of the above mentioned components are to be addressed to Robert Warnke

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