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IOMSKGEN - Developer's Softtool Software

IOMSKGEN is a tool for software designers writing programs for PC applications and embedded systems with character based display and input hardware attached. The tool supports the firmware development performing an interactive, mask oriented input/output interface to communicate with the user. As a condition the application must be written in ANSI C.

Target systems consist of any hardware based on a microprocessor or microcontroller, with a broad spectrum of input- and output hardware attached, e. g. keyboard, keypad, single switches (push buttons), a screen or multi line LC-displays. The source generator IOMSKGEN has been configured and tested on several electronic control circuits with different display and input hardware attached as user interface.

The benefit of the tool is to save time during the application development. It provides high flexibility while maintaining a project. While programming the I/O procedures the programmer must not write any source code. The properties of the I/O-interface will be described by the entries of a SOD-file, Screen Object Description.

Author Robert Warnke
Copyright © 1997, 98, 99, 2004
Operating systems MS-DOS or LINUX
Environment IBM-PC min. 286 processor (MS-DOS 3.3) or min. 386 (LINUX) resp.
Compiler/CPUs Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, Borland TURBO-C for 80x86 PC-applications,
FUJITSU CC907 for the 16 bit flash microcontroller MB90F598,
Keil C51 for the 8051 and its derivatives.

The manual (PDF format) describes the procedure to generate the C-source and its provided functions.

You will find two examples of generated C-code being linked into applications available as demo programs: SCR_EDIT and PASSWORD for MS-DOS.

The related description files SCR_EDIT.SOD and PASSWORD.SOD show the description format of screen objects.

You can purchase the full version of IOMSKGEN via mail or via e-mail using the register form.

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