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SSITERM - Terminal to operate machines Hardware

SSITERM is a small terminal for operation within an industrial environment. It is equipped with a flicker-free numeric LED display and a keypad. The terminal is available with a variable number of digits and keys. It can be attached to different control devices, whereby the communication between SSITERM and the SPS requires only 3 SPS signal lines. So the device is preferably suitable to retrofit older control systems which do not provide any standard communication interfaces.

On the part of the control system the data exchange with SSITERM is handled by a small communication driver. It provides a simple interface to the control programme. The following table contains the hardware-/software platforms, for which driver modules are available:

Supported platforms / languages
Manufacturer Control device(s) Language(s)
B&R 2003, 2005 C, PL2000
KML Elektronik FPS 3 AWL

The front of the terminal is protected by a foil against splash water. Its layout is to be designed according to the customer's application. SSITERM can be operated as a handheld device or stationary. For a stationary installation the rear provides metric threads of 4 mm diameter.

The accompanying manual describes the application spectrum, installation and the functioning of the terminal.

For quotations and delivery please use the form SSITerm. It even provides an overview to the possible features.